Retro Laminates

We have a wide selection of Retro Laminates, Boomerang Laminates and Cracked Ice Laminates for your perfect retro creation.

Retro Vinyl

We offer a wide variety of Retro Vinyl, including Naugahyde, Seabrook, Seaquest and Cracked Ice Vinyl. Perfect for your next retro creation.

Metal Banding

Look no further than Heffrons for all of your Metal Banding and Metal Edging needs.

Retro Stools

We can custom design any shape or size Retro Stool or Restaurant Stool you need.

Retro Chairs

Quality USA made custom desiged Retro Chairs or Restaurant Chairs for any need.

Retro Booths

We can custom design your perfect Retro Booth or Restaurant Booth.

Retro Murals

Our Retro Murals are made of the highest quality material with custom sizes to meet your needs.

Retro Jukeboxes

Offering a full selection of Rock-ola Jukeboxes such as Harley Davidson.

Retro Gas Pumps

Custom built vintage gas pumps are a must have for your den, garage, shop or business.


Our Blog

Our blog has something for everyone. From How-Do guides on some of our most popular items such as Metal Banding and Laminate, to the history of our products like Coca Cola. Check them out below and continue checking back as our blog will be updated reguarly. And to read our articles before anyone else, subscribe to the Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine (Click Here).

How To Install Metal Banding

Posted To Website: January 2018

This is really a very easy installation and you shouldn't shy away from doing the project. If you're capable of running a power saw, router and hand tools - you're reday to get started.

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Booth Upholstery and Styles

Posted To Website: June 2017

With an old booth and some fresh vinyl, we can create that same look to impress your friends and family. There are a lot of different styles to make, but the two most popular we’ll be examining today are the “Tuck and Roll Channels” and....

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Coca-Cola and More

Posted To Website: April 2017

Perhaps one of our most popular is the Coca-Cola Series. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise though. Some consider the 1950's as the golden age of Coca Cola. It was at this time that TV was emerging.

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